The Challenge

Research shows that more consumers than ever are looking for cleaning products with sustainable and better-for-you attributes, but are unsure how best to make the switch to eco-friendly products, and question which brands they can trust. With this in mind, how might I best develop the branding for a sustainable ecommerce cleaning brand, and design the packaging experience for their welcome kit.

The Solution

Bloom is a new cleaning brand built on respect for and preservation of the environment. Bloom stands out from the crowd with a friendly and optimistic brand direction. Partnered with its Green Giving Pledge, organic formulas, and minimal-waste packaging, Bloom inspires trust and loyalty in its consumers.

Role & Duration


Art Direction, Branding, Packaging, Prototyping, Illustration


6 Weeks | Sep 2021 - Nov 2021


2 - Theo Truong


User Research, Market Research, Moodboards, Packaging Prototyping, Dielines


Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate

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User & Market Analysis


Analysis Approach

After looking at a number of marketing and environmental studies, research points to younger generations (Gen Z and Millenials) being more health-conscious and environmentally responsible. With this in mind, it is not surprising that younger generations are also more interested in changing their behaviors to become more healthy and sustainable in their day-to-day lives, and are more willing to pay a bit more for a sustainable, eco-friendly products.


Brand Development & Meta Story


Branding Approach

After collecting and reviewing research on our target demographic and competing products & brands, our next step was to develop our brand meta story and name. Our solution was Bloom– a brand that feels fresh, natural, and hopeful, and that stands apart by collaborating with its consumers on working toward a greener tomorrow. We landed on a bright palette and wide range of colors, and pulled inspiration from youthful, playful illustrations to help us strike the balance between a brand that feels trendy and young, but still clean and refined.

Packaging Development

Out of Box Experience


Packaging Development Approach

With our branding as a foundation, the next step was brainstorming and creating structural concepts and moment maps to start the process of designing the out of box experience. Our final structural direction evolved with each prototype, but the integrity of our concept stayed intact through to the end result, which was to create packaging that “blooms” open, similar to a flower, and creates layers of anticipation for the consumer to enjoy and uncover.




Implementation Approach

Bloom's brand is crafted to feel fresh, natural, and hopeful. Our end result is a packaging experience for their welcome kit that feels minimal and clean on the outside, and that “blooms” to reveal a playful, bright interior. The inside of the package is flooded with a branded pattern, and contains a simple final display that holds the reusable spray-bottle, and brightly colored refill box.

The Result


Bloom cleaning products are meticulously designed so each part of production is environmentally friendly and limits waste without sacrificing quality. Users can gain peace of mind through the company's transparency and charitable efforts, and connect with the brand through its friendly, clean, uplifting visual design system.