Vamp Magazine

The Challenge

Authentic female and non-binary perspectives are dangerously underrepresented in traditional “women’s media.” Many lack a space to connect with others, facilitate self-love, and seek advice and inspiration.

The Solution

Vamp Magazine is inspired by the experiences of women and non-binary individuals while navigating life and all its transitions. Vamp is meant to welcome those with creative souls into a safe space where they can practice self-care as a community. In other words, Vamp Magazine gives a platform to real female and non-binary voices, and facilitates conversations around topics we all struggle with, but rarely know how to talk about.

In each issue, Vamp offers a collection of curated stories, art, and advice to provide comfort, community, inspiration, and escape to readers with creative souls who are navigating life’s transitions, dismantling the patriarchy, and learning to love themselves more.

This issue focuses on the topic of the “quarter-life crisis.”

Role & Duration


Art Direction, Layout, Content Curation, Content Strategy, Image Retouching


12 Weeks | Sep 2021 - Dec 2021


Solo Project


User Research, Market Research, Moodboards


InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator

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Concept Development


User Research & Moodboards

After determining the general concept for Vamp, I created a set of personas that each represent a key type of user that Vamp caters to. With these personas in mind, I was able to further inform the types of content Vamp will offer based on each type of reader’s needs.

With content and concept nailed down, I was able to determine who we are and are not as a brand, and create supporting moodboards to guide layout, type, color, and photography directions.




Design Approach

With the beginnings of a design system forming across my moodboards, I started the process of lots of trial and exploration designing layouts for each article. I had a breakthrough when I started incorporating hand-touched lines that morph and change across each spread and guide the reader through the magazine. I also developed several headline "recipes" which I utilized to create brand consistency, but still incorporated unique touches that correlate with the tone of each article.


A large part of the mission at Vamp Magazine is to foster community, which is why subscribers will receive email newsletters that feature some of the current issue's highlights. It also invites subscribers to write-in, as much of Vamp's content comes from our readers.

The Result


Vamp Magazine, above all else, was crafted to feel like a warm hug from a friend. To support content focused around self-care tips, healing, fostering creativity, and empowering readers, the design ranges from gentle and clean to imperfect and bold. The soft graphic elements and expressive typography work together to visually represent the magazine's mission of helping readers grow.